Heather's Dreamy Maternity Session

I've known Heather for a while now, she's a sassy little thing with a heart as big as the ocean.  When I started my photography business she made is clear that she was not the girl to "spend good money" on photography nor was she the type to hang photos of herself all over the house.  You would think I should be a little offended by that, but no, I actually understand where she is coming from.  Before I became a photographer, I too GASP'd at the prices boutique photographers charged.  

You can imagine my surprise when I was contacted by her husband Micheal about doing a maternity session for her.  He saw some recent work I had done and wanted that for his wife.   He too knew how Heather felt, but he wanted her to have the experience anyway.  It made me smile because it's hard to convince someone when they just have to experience it on their own.  So we made a plan, and convinced Heather to come shoot with their beautiful baby girl Annabelle.

 I had envisioned Heather draped in flowing fabric walking the beach with sweet Annabelle by her side in a dreamy painterly portrait.  This was a moment just for Heather, to embrace her beauty and celebrate this moment in her pregnancy.

Maternity beach session

We walked to the beach at dusk, the weather was perfect.  Just the right amount of breeze blowing off of the bay. Our first "look" was a simple silk rope.  She looked so beautiful.

Playing in the off camera were Annabelle and daddy while Heather and I moved about our small semi-secluded beach section.  I don't recall hearing a peep from the little one :) 

maternity portraits beach maryland
maternity portraits beach southern maryland

For the second look, I draped Heather in some Navy fabric and fassend  a silver belt to hold the fabric in place.  Then it was time to bring in Annabelle.  Between takes she wanted to see the photos.  She actually knew how to scroll through my camera!  

fine art maternity portraits
maternity belly and baby feet

Yesterday, I revealed two of the images from her session, she immediately fell in love with them and is even considering hanging them.  Whether she will or not, we will have to see.  However, I know she will frequently look back at these and smile.  Boutique photography is not something that can truly be appreciated until you have experienced it for yourself.  These are not contrived poses on a backdrop, these are memories to be cherished and an artistic vision realized.    

Congratulations Heather & Micheal!