Felicia & Justin's Engagement Session

     The first time I met Felicia was, was the first time I photographed her.  It was a little over a year ago.  She actually came into my studio bleeding!  After I freaked out, she told he her story.  She has a condition in which painful wounds appear all over her body, leaving behind scars.  It is the result of a severe chemical burn she endured as a result of cleaning the oven at her former work place.  She is a beautiful women, very soft spoken and calm.  Getting to know her is a breeze, as long as you ask.  I don't imagine she volunteers much information :).  After our first meeting, we kept in touch.  Not long after she started dating Justin.

engagement session southern, MD

I meet Justin for the first time, a few months ago during our consultation.  He is tall, handsome, very sweet and seemed a little quite himself....exactly the type of man I would hope for Felicia.  I asked a lot of questions about how they met, how he popped the question, their common interests.  He admittedly persued her, and eventually convinced her to go on a date.   She suggested a hike in Calvert Cliffs Park.  This was the spot of their first date, the proposal and the engagement session.  

calver cliffs engagement session

They love board games, spending quite time at home with their fur baby and the Nightmare before Christmas.

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The big day is October 15th 2016!

Congratulations Felicia & Justin, I can't wait for your big day!